Nikki Reed Launches Sustainable Lifestyle Line

Nikki Reed -Bayou With Love - Publicity -H 2017
Morgan Pansing for Anthropologie

Bayou With Love focuses on eco-friendly clothing and clean beauty products.

Twilight actress Nikki Reed has entered the lifestyle space with a new brand that focuses on sustainable fashion and clean beauty.

Kicking off her new company, Bayou With Love, which launches today, is a beauty collaboration with Anthropologie (also launching today) consisting of 4 products — a plant oil perfume scented with bergamot and sandalwood, a calendula healing balm, a travel candle that Reed says can double as a cuticle moisturizer, and a lip and cheek tint, all housed in a vegan cosmetic pouch.

"My approach to skincare and glamour has evolved quite a bit over the years," says Reed, whose mother was a beautician. "When I changed to a plant-based diet, my skincare routine began to mirror my philosophy with health and wellness. I began using more oils, and I became obsessed with understanding why we don't treat our skin, which is our largest organ, with the same respect as our other organs. Makeup is still very fun for me, but I treat it like dress up. Now I wear less makeup and focus more on skincare."

Bayou With Love falls in with Hollywood's entrepreneurial trend of sustainable lifestyle lines, as seen in Jessica Alba's Honest Beauty and Shiva Rose Beauty. Reed's line, created with business partner and Freedom of Animals founder, Morgan Bogle, uses materials like cupro, a part of the cotton plant that is generally discarded during farming, to make tie-dyed pajamas and floaty dresses (as seen on Reed when she hosted her Bayou With Love and Anthropologie collaboration launch at The Now massage boutique in Los Angeles last week). The look fit right in with the Zen space and also worked with Reed's growing baby bump. She is expecting her first child with her husband of two years, Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerholder.

"Finding low-chemical options is especially important to me now as I enter into this next chapter as a mom," says Reed. "I grew up in Southern California with a love for sage and sandalwood mixed with earth and dirt. I like things that mimic nature."

Her down-to-earth nature and passion for earth-friendly and sustainable products are what caught the eye of Anthropologie's beauty director, Catherine Moellering.

"I knew immediately that Nikki was knowledgeable about the sustainable beauty space. But it's her passion that makes her a force," says Moellering.

But Reed's beauty game hasn't always been flawless. The actress, who made her screen debut in 2003's Thirteen, made a few missteps before landing on her signature brunette locks with a slight beach wave and full eyebrows.

"I used to cut my own hair a lot," she says. "I remember cutting all my own hair off when I was 4 or 5. I also took a bottle of hydrogen peroxide and dipped my bangs in it for 30 minutes hoping for bleached tips, but I ended up with orange hair!"