Niners comes out with 'Cafe Seoul'

Six-pic slate aims at Asian market, headed to TIFFCOM

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BUSAN, South Korea -- Niners Entertainment, a new Korean sales and production finance company, is braving the tricky economic climate and using the Pusan market as its coming out party.

With international sales run by Choi Eun-young, former head of sales at Studio 2.0, the company’s six picture slate is topped by “Cafe Seoul,” a drama set in the world of traditional Korean bakeries. Directed by Masaharu Take, the film is a Japanese production with a predominantly Korean cast.

The rest of Niners’ current slate is sourced from the ashes of Studio 2.0 and rights from the companies that it previously represented. These include “Once Upon A Time In Seoul” and “Girl Scouts” from MK Pictures, “Viva Love” from ID Pictures and “Heartbreak Library” from Sung Won Ni Com.

It is also handling 2008 Pusan New Currents winner “Land of Scarecrows,” directed by Roh Gyeong-tae whose “Black Stones” is attending the PPP.

“Our films are very much targeted at the Asian market, so we are looking at attending TIFFCOM next week, but will probably give the AFM a miss,” Choi said.