Nintendo adds $560 mil to sales predictions


TOKYO -- Riding the crest of a Wii wave, Japan's Nintendo Co. has again revised its group sales prediction for 2006, adding an extra ¥66 billion ($560 million) to anticipated consolidated sales.

The revision is the fourth that Kyoto-based Nintendo has made over the course of the fiscal year.

"The main reason has been the ever-greater success of the DS portable system -- with demand much greater than even we had expected -- as well as the Wii and the unusual repeat orders for software," said Yasuhiro Miyagawa, head of the company's publicity division. "We made our last revision on Jan. 10 believing that would be the final estimate ahead of the release of the final figures on April 26, but demand for the DS hardware has been unprecedented. They are selling out globally just as soon as they reach outlets."

"We have also been surprised at the repeat orders for software," he added. "(Game titles) like 'Animal Crossing' and 'Nintendogs' are still getting huge repeat orders worldwide even 12 months after they were launched."

Nintendo is now expecting to report ¥966 billion ($8.1 billion) in consolidated sales.

The company did not release new profit projections on the grounds that the data is still being compiled.

The only cause for concern is keeping up with demand, Miyagawa said. About 20 million DS units and 82 million items of software were expected to be shipped during the fiscal year, while monthly production of the Wii console is expected to be stepped up.