Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Dies at 55

Satoru Iwata - H 2015
Associated Press

The company said he died Saturday due to a bile duct growth.

Japan-based Nintendo said Monday morning that its president, Satoru Iwata, died Saturday, due to a bile duct growth.

Iwata skipped last year's E3, reportedly due to his health, and underwent surgery to remove the bile duct growth.

Born Dec. 6, 1959, and raised in Japan, Iwata joined Nintendo in the 1980s, working on games including "Balloon Fight," "EarthBound" and the "Kirby" franchise.

He was named director in 2000 and two years later succeeded Hiroshi Yamauchi as the company's fourth president and also was named representative director.

Two years ago, he became CEO of Nintendo of America, Inc.

Nintendo's brief statement did not mention a successor.