Nintendo's New Console to Bow Dec. 8 in Japan

Wii U to be launched in time for holiday season in Japan as Nintendo faces gaming shift to smartphones, tablets and social networks.

TOKYO – Nintendo’s new home console Wii U is to launch in Japan on Dec. 8 for 26,250 yen ($340) for the 8GB version and 31,500 yen ($405), the company announced today. 

The Wii U will have a controller with its own 6.2-inch touch-screen, the Wii U Game Pad, which can also be used to play games separately without the main TV screen.   

The new machine will be the first home console from Kyoto-based Nintendo since the 2006 launch of the Wii, which turned it into the world’s biggest video game company.  Sales of the portable 3DS, successor to the best-selling DS console, have failed to match expectations since its launch in February last year.

After registering its first loss in decades last year Nintendo will be hoping the new console can win back some of the casual gamers who have been migrating to playing on smartphones and social networks.



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