No Curfew: Diplo Spins, Shills New 'Munchie Meals' to Hungry Hollywood Rave-Goers

Juan Ocampo, Andrew Bernstein & Associates

Strobe lights synced with performances at the Wednesday night event, held at LA Live's Club Nokia.

With EDM artists Diplo and Chromeo mixing onstage from the DJ box, an electrified crowd filled the floor at LA Live’s Club Nokia Wednesday night. AEG Global Partnerships hosted the sold out, “no curfew” event, celebrating the launch of Jack in the Box’s late night munchie menu.

Wesley Pentz, better known by his stage name, Diplo, played an eclectic set of bass-heavy tracks, including several from his recently released Revolution EP. Twerk-happy fans gave the artist an animated reception as he performed popular singles like “Biggie Bounce” and “Crown.”

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True to the “no curfew” event theme, Diplo’s set lasted well into the night, but neither the artist nor the audience seemed to take notice. Earlier this week, the DJ headlined a concert at XS Nightclub in Las Vegas, improvising mixes until 4 in the morning. “You know when you run, you’re on a runner’s high,” Diplo told The Hollywood Reporter, “so sometimes I can just keep going.”

The relationship between the EDM movement and Jack’s Munchie Meals might seem vague, but, according to Diplo, the genre is more encompassing than many believe. Artists that fall within EDM incorporate fans with diverse tastes; similarly, Jack in the Box’s new menu -- which, if a recent ad campaign is any indication, may be targeting a very specific night owl demographic -- strives to reach out to the rising demo of rave-goers whose recreational tastes represent an untapped market.

“I love riding the [EDM] wave because I love all the people who are in it,” Diplo explains. “I’ve been influenced by everyone from Skrillex to Wolfgang Gartner, so many people that really make me think about music in a different way.”

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Building relationships with consumers is as important to brands as it is to artists like Diplo. “I make club records now because it’s so easy to reach people with them,” the DJ said. And EDM “helped [fans] associate themselves with each other and helped all the DJs to meet and mingle and the music to be marketed easier.”

Back in the VIP Lounge, Jack in the Box catered to a group of dance-fatigued guests, providing samples from their new menu. “I’m really into this chicken nugget idea with cheese,” Diplo said before the concert. “I want to try this grilled cheese on top of the burger thing. I heard that’s popping.”

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