Lake Bell: Directing Studio Films "Is Just Not As Sexy"

David Slijper/MORE Magazine
Lake Bell in 'More' magazine

"No creativity is ever birthed through a canal of fear," the 'No Escape' star told 'More' magazine.

Lake Bell wants to stick to directing indie films.

Having made her feature directorial debut with 2013's critical darling In a World... and set to helm the upcoming Jeff Bridges-starring adaptation of The Emperor's Children, Bell told More magazine, "If I campaign to direct some humongous studio picture, it will take me years, and that takes away from the five other projects I want to write and direct and make with my friends."

She continued, "To me, it’s just not as sexy as making what you want with the people you want and not having to operate in fear. No creativity is ever birthed through a canal of fear."

However, the No Escape star was always set on breaking through as a female director in Hollywood. "It was always a concept that I was going to direct, but you don’t know until you’re in the trenches," she said. "When I got there, I thought, this is a game changer. I love the teamwork. I love the camaraderie. OK, I’m home."

Her advice to other women? To "take chances — be extravagant in their career choices."

However, when striving to achieve more, "exercise restraint. My production company is called More Films because I lean toward wanting more. But my mantra is restraint. Those two concepts provide a little balance."