No Hunger seeks Al Gore's help with film

Campaign hopes to raise global awareness via cinemas

The famous French actors walking along the Croisette with "No Hunger" pins have a goal: recruit Al Gore.

The No Hunger campaign, begun in Spain and now making its way through France on its way to the U.S., is asking the former U.S. vice president to make a movie about famine. On, activists can sign a petition asking Gore to make a film about the global famine crisis.

Following the success of Gore's appeal to humanity in the Davis Guggenheim-helmed "An Inconvenient Truth," No Hunger activists are hoping a Gore-fronted film addressing malnutrition will raise global awareness and reach out to people across the world.

Action Against Hunger, an NGO offering emergency aid to millions of people, is spearheading the campaign. Launched in the fall in Madrid, the No Hunger viral campaign has spread to Paris, London, New York and Montreal. More than 50,000 have signed the petition, including several Spanish and French actors and media personalities including Vargas Laosa, Samuel Lebihan, Jean Rochefort, Franck Dubosc and even U.S.-based "Heroes" co-star Jimmy Jean Louis.

While Gore has not yet responded to the call, organizers already have posted a fake trailer for the film on the Web. Gore has expressed interest in the project, but hasn't given a specific response yet. Organizers will present the petition to the former veep in September, and expect to have at least 100,000 signatures by then.

"The Festival de Cannes is a huge world cinema rendez-vous. It's thus the ideal place to mobilize participants for the No Hunger cause," spokesperson for the Action Against Hunger organization Elise Rodriguez said. Upcoming targets for the cause include Monica Bellucci and Leonardo DiCaprio.

And if organizers have their wish, the film may actually make its debut here.

"The No Hunger movie should be in the official selection of the Festival de Cannes next year!" French actor and AAH ambassador Samuel Lebihan said.