No Italian cooking on Turin fest menu


The 26th Turin Film Festival has released a lineup without any Italian films but heavy on U.S. and European productions.

Second-year artistic director Nanni Moretti did his best to avoid comparisons to the just-completed Rome International Film Festival.

With six Italian films featured and just one from the U.S., the Rome event was criticized for a lineup that in many ways was a negative of the program Moretti released.

Moretti said Friday that the WGA strike, which had an impact on the lineups in Venice, Rome and elsewhere, also played a role in shaping Turin's lineup. Although three of the 15 films in the lineup have American DNA, all are low-budget affairs: Azazel Jacobs' "Momma's Man," "The New Year Parade" from Tom Quinn and Sean Baker's "Prince of Broadway."

As previously announced, the fest will open with the Italian premiere of Oliver Stone's "W." (partialdiff)