Noah Centineo and Jimmy Fallon Throw Water at Each Other in Heated "Water War"

THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JIMMY FALLON - Noah Centineo - Water War - Publicity Still - H 2020
Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

While playing the card game War, the loser of each round had water thrown at them during Thursday's episode of 'The Tonight Show.'

Noah Centineo and Jimmy Fallon faced off while playing "Water War" on Thursday's episode of The Tonight Show.

The host explained that they would play the card game War. The loser of each hand would have a pint of water thrown in their face as their punishment. The first person to throw five glasses would be declared the winner of the game and would get to shoot a water cannon at the loser.

Fallon lost the first round. "Jimmy, I want you to think of a time in your life when you were in bed and you felt a cool, cool liquid that wasn't cool at all. It was actually warm," said Centineo before he directed the water toward Fallon's pants. "You peed yourself," the actor shouted.

The To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You star lost the second round. "You're having a dream that you're going down a waterslide," Fallon said before throwing the water at the actor's face.

When Centineo lost for the second time in a row, Fallon thanked him for coming on the show before he dumped water over his head. After losing for a third consecutive time, Fallon poured water on Centineo's lap.

The game escalated when Fallon lost a round and Centineo threw a pitcher of water at him. "What happened, man?" he shouted as he splashed the water at the host's face. Centineo concluded the round by throwing an additional cup full of water.

Fallon's losing streak continued as Centineo poured a glass of water down the host's back, splashed another directly at his face and then threw a third near his pants. "I drank a little bit of that last one," said the host.

After Fallon lost the final round, Centineo grabbed the water cannon and shot at the host.

Watch the full game below.