Nobel Prize Winner Marie Curie to Get Film Treatment

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Marie Curie

The European co-production will star Poland's Karolina Gruszka in the title role and Daniel Olbrychski as her scientific rival.

The Polish Film Commission has announced a film about the life of radiology pioneer and Nobel Prize winner Marie Curie, the Polish-born scientist who spent most of her life in France.

The European co-production will star Polish, French and German actors, including Karolina Gruszka (Kislorod) as Curie and Daniel Olbrychski (Salt) as her scientific rival, Emile Amagat.

A co-production between Poland, Germany, France and Belgium, the film will be shot largely in Poland with local crew, cinematographers and cast.

The film, working title Maria Sklodowska-Curie, is the first cinematic treatment of the life of a woman who won a double Nobel Prize for chemistry and physics since MGM's black-and-white 1943 classic Madame Curie starring Greer Garson. A number of made-for-television documentaries about and fictional treatments of the scientist have been made, including the BBC's 2013 documentary The Genius of Marie Curie: The Woman Who Lit Up the World.

Produced by Poland's Pokromski Studio, the French- and Polish-language film will be directed by France's Marie Noelle. It will be shot on location in Paris, Brussels, Munich and Lodz, Krakow and Leba in Poland.

The Polish Film Commission said the crew, which includes Polish cinematographer Michal Englert, would spend 20 shooting days on location in Poland starting next month. Shooting was due to open in Belgium this month, the commission said in a statement Tuesday.

Producer Mikolaj Pokromski said the film would be an "intimate portrait of an outstanding woman."

The film, which also stars Andre Wilms (Le Havre) Charles Berling (March of the Penguins), Sabin Tambrea (Ludwig II) and Samuel Finzi (Flemming), would, he added, "be a tale of her sorrows and joys, moments of triumph and defeat not only in the academic sphere but above all in her private and family life. We want to show the so-far-unknown side of the protagonist."

The film is due an international premiere in February 2016.