#NoBillNoBreak: Celebrities Take to Twitter to Support House Sit-In


Lin-Manuel Miranda, James Corden, Connie Britton, Mark Ruffalo, Lady Gaga and more followed the event on Wednesday.

House Democrats conducted a sit-in on Wednesday to force a vote on gun control in Congress. 

Chanting "no bill, no break," the protesting representatives spoke about why gun control legislation is needed, and the phrase soon became their hashtag online, trending for most of the evening as people followed the hourslong protest. 

The House shut off cameras partly through the sit-in, so C-SPAN turned to representatives' social media feeds to air the rest of the day, using Facebook video and Periscope feeds to keep viewers up to date on proceedings. 

As the protest went into its 13th hour at the Capitol, Twitter erupted with support for the House Democrats. Below are a few of the celebrities who voiced their support for the protest.