'Nobody's Fool' Trailer: Tiffany Haddish Searches for Man Who Catfished Her Sister

The film — directed, written and produced by Tyler Perry — also features Tika Sumpter and Whoopi Goldberg.

The first trailer for the Tyler Perry-directed film Nobody's Fool was released on Monday (June 18).

Tiffany Haddish introduces herself to the audience in the beginning of the clip. "Some of you caucasians may recognize me from the Oscars," she says before the official trailer begins.

The trailer opens as Danica (Tika Sumpter) gets dressed in her New York City apartment. "If I close this deal, I'll be the first black woman to be a VP in the company," she explains as clips show her at work.

While at the office, Danica receives a phone call from her mother (Whoopi Goldberg) asking her to pick up her sister. When she asks what time, her mother responds, "Honey, it's jail. You get there when you can, like the song said."

Danica and her friend (Amber Riley) pick up Tanya (Haddish) from jail as the former inmate shouts, "Free at last! Free at last! I'm about to go out here and shake this ass. Can we go to the club?"

After Tanya revels over Danica's fancy Manhattan apartment, she is seen looking for a job and gets hired at a coffee shop. "Where it say sex, what you want me to put right there?" she asks while filling out paperwork. Her new co-worker asks, "What you wanna put?" and she responds, "Plenty."

"My sister is a bit much," says Danica as clips are shown of Tanya dancing with a bottle of wine and snapping at customers while working.

Tanya soon learns about Danica's love interest Charlie, to whom she has been talking online for a year, despite the fact that she has never seen him in person. "If a man looks too good to be true, he is," says Tanya. "You're being catfished."

The trailer later shares a clip of Danica saying, "We need to find this son-of-a-bitch who catfished me." Tanya adds, "And we gonna tear his ass up."

Tanya is then shown crashing a wedding and spying on Charlie. "Girl, I got his address. We gon do this tonight," she says. "We gonna need a saw, some plastic, burner phone." Following Tanya's list of items needed for the stakeout, Danica says she needs to go to the bathroom. Tanya responds, "That's good. You need to go ahead and let all the liquids out cause you don't wanna leave no DNA."

The trailer concludes when Tanya tries to visit her mother. After knocking on the front door and saying, "Mama, it's Tanya," her mother responds, "Oh no. ... not here." Tanya walks over to a window and shouts, "Mama, I know it’s you." Her mother then opens the window and says, "This connection is so rickety." Tanya responds, "What? Mama, you in the window."

Nobody's Fool will be released in theaters on November 2. Watch the full trailer below.