Nokia unveils Comes With Music service

U.K.-only deal touts access to millions of tracks

Nokia has unveiled its all-you-can-eat Comes With Music package for the U.K., although the scope of its "unlimited access to millions of tracks" offer has some potential restrictions. It launches Oct. 16.

Nokia has partnered with the Carphone Warehouse for the launch. Nokia Comes With Music will be sold exclusively at the U.K.'s 805 Carphone Warehouse stores and its Web site ( for 129.95 euros ($231.36), which includes a Nokia 5310 XpressMusic handset.

The fee covers one year of unlimited access to a library of two million tracks from the Nokia Music Store Catalog. All four majors are on board with the service.

Tracks can be downloaded directly to the mobile or PC and music can be kept on the handset or PC "forever," according to a statement.

Once the year's subscription is complete, customers can keep all of their music. After that, customers will be able to move on to another unlimited access subscription to access new releases as well as catalog tracks not downloaded in the previous 12 months, or simply purchase a-la-carte downloads from the Nokia Music Store.

The unlimited access will prove the main selling point for Comes With Music, and Sony Ericsson is also launching an all-you-can-eat subscription, PlayNow Plus, across Europe next year. However, there is potential for a restriction on the Nokia service.

"At the time of launch, downloading of the tracks is not restricted unless usage is not considered to be for personal usage or [the] user is using any unsupported applications or connection methods," said a statement. "If average usage for all users reached predefined levels Nokia is allowed to restrict number of downloads for individual users."

It is understood the service will work on all major networks, although it will be on a pay-as-you-go mobile tariff. None of the U.K. networks appear to be marketing their compatibility with the service, however, as they have their own mobile download stores.

No additional charge for content is made per download although the end user would be responsible for any data charges involved during downloading.

Customers will also have to register their PC and their Comes With Music device to their account before any content can be downloaded; content can only be downloaded between the two devices registered to the account.

Users who buy a new PC during the 12-month period will be allowed to transfer their music collection. The same applies for new PCs and new compatible handsets for a two-year period after the subscription ends.