Hollywood Expresses Outrage Over North Carolina Gay Marriage Law

Tyler Ferguson Sarah Silverman Evan Rachel Wood Split - H 2012
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Tyler Ferguson Sarah Silverman Evan Rachel Wood Split - H 2012

After the passing of the southeastern state's Amendment One, SOME OF the industry reacted with a flurry of sharp words.

As the nation looks to the White House for a status report on the President's evolution on the matter, a few states south of Washington, North Carolina grabbed the spotlight in the gay marriage debate on Tuesday night.

The state's voters passed Amendment 1, which made sure that same-sex couples could not have any sort of legal status, including marriage or civil unions. Immediately, Hollywood's angry roar (and tweets) could be heard across the country.

With an already vocal communal voice that has risen to fight California's Proposition 8 and now urge President Obama toward fully endorsing full marriage equality, some of the industry's top stars, both gay and straight, sent out a barrage of tweets expressing their disappointment with the voters of the Tar Heel State. Some were angry, others sad, and some even slyly funny, but the message was clear.

Here's a rundown of some of the stars' tweets: