North Korea Likely to Have No "Physical Reaction" to 'The Interview'

The Interview Still 4 - H 2014
Ed Araquel

The Interview Still 4 - H 2014

The film is being released online and in select theaters this week

North Korea says it likely will have no "physical reaction," just condemnation, to the release of the comedy film The Interview, which depicts the assassination of leader Kim Jong Un.

A North Korea diplomat to the United Nations told The Associated Press on Wednesday that his country opposes the film's release online and in over 300 U.S. theaters this week.

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The film was briefly shelved after a devastating hacking attack on Sony Pictures that the United States has blamed on North Korea.

But diplomat Kim Song said his country has no relation to the hacking and can prove it. He also expressed frustration that the U.S. refused North Korea’s offer of a joint investigation.

He called the film an "unpardonable mockery of our sovereignty and dignity of our supreme leader."