North West's First Photo Broadcast on Kris Jenner's Talk Show

North West Photo - P 2013

North West Photo - P 2013

Kanye West gave people their first look at his daughter with Kim Kardashian on the final episode of the syndicated, limited-run series.

Kanye West debuted the first picture of his daughter with Kim Kardashian, North West, on the final episode of Kris Jenner's limited-run talk show, Kris.

The rapper said they talked about various ways of releasing the first photo, including getting paid to run it in a magazine, but he said he thought it would be nice if he aired it on the finale of North's grandmother's TV show.

The picture aired at the end of an hour-long interview with West in which he and Jenner talked about his love affair with Kardashian, how he wants to raise his daughter, his parents, his life with the Kardashians and the press.

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Jenner, who repeatedly gushed about West during the interview, tweeted the photo of North after the episode aired on the East Coast.

West said he chose to sit down with Jenner and debut the baby photo on her show because that would be a venue without an agenda.

"As everyone knows, it's sometimes difficult for me to deal with the press, and at this point it's almost an agenda for them to write me into a story," he explained. "This was a safe place where I could express myself with love without an agenda."

West reminisced about meeting Kardashian when he was working with Brandy, claiming it was "definitely" love at first sight, even though he initially couldn't pronounce her last name.

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He also joked that before they got together, and he wanted to be with her, he thought about taking up sports, alluding to Kardashian's penchant for dating athletes.

West talked about the importance of his family with Kardashian, calling his past life that of a "crazy rock star."

Now, he said, "My only goal is to protect my daughter."

"The last thing I would want for my daughter is for some crazy drunk black guy in leather to come up and cut her off at an award show," he added, a reference to his infamous 2009 VMA appearance where he interrupted Taylor Swift's acceptance speech.

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West said he wants to raise North with Christian values and will let her develop her own skill set.

He also revealed that he has nightmares about being hounded by the paparazzi, struggling to work the car seat and pictures of that being posted online, leading people to blast him for claiming to be a musical genius who can't even work a car seat.

Friday's episode was the last in Kris' six-week summer test run on Fox-owned TV stations. The baby photo will likely give the show a ratings boost as executives decide whether to make a bigger commitment to the talker.