Norway Moves to Block Piracy Sites

Swedish file sharing site The Pirate Bay is the first on the hit list in a case set to go before an Oslo court this summer.


Norway could soon join numerous other European countries in blocking access to The Pirate Bay and similar online piracy sites.

A Norwegian anti-piracy group is set to file a case before Oslo's District Court this summer aimed at forcing local Internet Service Providers (ISP) to block access to sites found to illegally deal in copyright protected material. Swedes file-sharing site The Pirate Bay is on the top of their list.

Speaking to Norwegian media, the anti-piracy group the Rights Alliance said it has already provided Norway's leading provider, ISP Telenor, with a list of sites it wants blocked but that it doesn't expect providers to act without a court order.

Telnor confirmed that in a statement, saying it would not "act as a court or a police authority to act for third parties who want sites to be closed. We will only deal with a court decision."

New legislation in Norway allows providers to block sites if ordered to by the court.

In its case, the Rights Alliance will need to prove the sites on its list are breaking the law and that their crimes outweigh the violation if freedom of speech implied by blocking the sites.

A decision by the Norwegian court is expected by the Fall.