Norwegian series not a ripoff, court says

'Four Star Dinner' different from 'Come Dine With Me'

COLOGNE, Germany -- A court in Oslo this week ruled that "Four Star Dinner: Half Past Eight," a lifestyle show that airs on ProSiebenSat.1-controlled TVNorge, is not a ripoff of ITV Studios' popular "Come Dine With Me" format.

Competitor channel TV3 airs a local licensed version of the ITV format, called "8 O'clock at My Place" and had filed an injunction against TVNorge to block its dining show.

But the court said while the two shows contained "a number of similarities," there were also "very clear differences" between them. TVNorge's focus is largely on its show's celebrity guests, while TV3's program targets viewers interested in cooking, the court explained.

TVNorge's show debuted to 187,000 viewers on Aug. 10, a week before TV3 launched with "8 O'clock," which drew less than half that.