Norwegian TV Station Says 'Let It Be' Video Legal

TV2 Apologizes for Any Misunderstanding

COLOGNE, Germany – The Norwegian television channel behind the Let It Be viral video sensation says none of the singing celebrities appearing on the clip were coerced or fooled into giving their karaoke version to the Beatles classic.

The video, which has become an online hit, features a mix of actors, athletes and celebrities – everyone from Glenn Close and Kathleen Turner to Judd Nelson, Jason Alexander and Tonya Harding – singing bits of Let It Be” against an idyllic ocean backdrop. The video was made for a V.I.P. “where are they now?” series called Gylne Tider (Golden Times) currently airing on Norway’s number one network, TV2.

A TV2 spokesman told The Hollywood Reporter that all the celebrities in the video “were happy to be a part of it” and that the performances were not acquired under false premises.

“After an interview with each celebrity we asked them if they would participate,” said TV2’s Bjarne Laastad. “We told them it would be based on Let It Be and made in the manner of the artist-charity videos of the 80s and 90s.”

Laastad apologized to anyone – including Married With Children star David Faustino – who apparently thought the video itself was being made for charity.

TV2 said they cleared the rights to the song for Norway before hand and have not be contacted by representatives for the Beatles or Paul McCartney since the video went viral.

“(When) the Let It Be element leaked to YouTube, we asked them to take it down because of the copyright issues and also in consideration of our relations with the contributors,” Laastad said.

The video is has since spread to sites across the web. But anyone who wants to see it legally will have to head to Oslo, where the final episode of  Golden Times airs Dec. 19.