Not so 'Merry' decision for Dailymotion


PARIS -- Paris' high courts cracked down on Gallic file-sharing site Dailymotion on Friday, condemning the "French YouTube" for copyright infringement of Christian Carion's "Merry Christmas."

The decision marks the first time a media-sharing Web site has been found guilty of not only illegally broadcasting a specific video but also for the actual construction of the site, which the court said facilitates piracy.

The decision comes after Carion and the film's producers Christophe Rossignon and Philip Boeffard of Nord-Ouest Prods. sued Dailymotion in January for illegally allowing users to download the film free of charge from its Web site. Dailymotion removed the title immediately in January, but Nord-Ouest pursued the case.

The court ordered Dailymotion to take responsibility for copyright infringement and to employ strict controls over the content of videos broadcast on its site. "We wanted to prove that media sharing platforms like Dailymotion are responsible for piracy. It's a little case in a little court in the little country that is France, but we hope that it will kick up a fuss in Europe and in America as well," Rossignon said.

The court ordered the Dailymotion site to pay €1 ($1.38) in damages to the director, €13,000 ($17,900) to Nord-Ouest and €10,000 ($13,780) to the film's distributor, UGC.