Novela affair for Telemundo, Ford

Companies partner for miniseries launch

Telemundo is partnering with Ford for the launch of a 22-episode miniseries novela that will air after the 11 p.m. local news on Telemundo stations in New York, Los Angeles and Miami beginning July 7.

"Amores de Luna" will feature the Flex, Ford's newest vehicle, organically integrated throughout the series. The three stations are WNJU-New York, KVEA-Los Angeles and WSCV-Miami. The novela also will be available on each station's Web site the next morning for viewing and will feature a mobile component.

The series is about a successful, married woman who longs to become a writer and eventually falls in love with an author, putting her marriage at risk. Viewers will get to vote on how the story line ends and have a chance to enter an online sweepstakes to win a trip to Miami to meet the cast.

The series was produced by Telemundo, which has its own production facility in Miami.

"The production and launch of 'Amores de Luna' with Ford, featuring the Flex, is a prime example of the unique and innovative integrated solutions that only Telemundo can offer our valued clients and partners as a result of our Strategic Customized Solution Sales Strategy," said Jacqueline Hernandez, Telemundo chief operating officer.

"This program brings together facets that we are confident will engage consumers: an alluring novela story, a unique Ford Flex product integration and multiple communication touch points," said David Rodriquez, Ford multicultural marketing manager.

In addition to the product integration, a customized online microsite will feature a splash page with a "Meet the Flex" section for users to get a look at the vehicle.