NPR Criticizes House Plan to Slash Corporation for Public Broadcasting Funding

The elimination of organization’s federal subsidy would affect hundreds of local public radio stations.

NPR spoke out on Saturday about the House Appropriation Committee's proposal to eliminate the $531 million federal subsidy set aside for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

"The elimination of federal funding would be a significant blow to nearly 900 public radio stations that serve the needs of more than 38 million Americans with free over-the-air programming they can’t find anywhere else," said NPR CEO and President Vivian Schiller in a statement. "It would diminish stations' ability to bring high-quality local, national and international news to their communities, as well as local arts, music and cultural programming that other media don’t present."
She warned that less affluent communities are at the highest risk of losing the NPR news stations that give them access to this programming because they depend heavily on federal funds.
"The public values and increasingly relies on the trustworthy news and information that public radio provides," Schiller continued. "The growing number of public radio listeners speaks to the hunger for independent local media sources that help make sense of what’s going on in their own community and around the world."