NRA Facebook Page Disappears After Connecticut School Shooting

The gun rights lobbying organization has been silent on social media since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

The National Rifle Association has been silent on social media in response to the devastating Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting on Friday.

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As many have noted, the NRA has yet to respond to the tragedy on its Twitter account. And its official Facebook page -- which the organization had said reaches 1.7 million followers -- has disappeared entirely. The NRA also has refrained from updating its official blog since the shooting occurred Friday morning.

"For now the URL redirects to the Facebook homepage," the website TechCrunch observed. "Several unofficial and uncontrolled community pages for the NRA that port in content from Wikipedia remain up." 

The Facebook page for the NRA's official blog, however, does still exist -- though it doesn't seem to have been updated since the shooting occurred. 

The silence, however, isn't out of the ordinary for the organization. As The Wall Street Journal notes, the NRA "often declines to comment immediately after high-profile shootings because all the facts are not yet known."

The organization's social media silence was mirrored on the Sunday political talk shows, in which multiple news outlets noted that there were scant gun rights supporters on air to discuss the Sandy Hook tragedy and appropriate policy responses.