Number of Regular Mobile Gamers in U.K. Nearly Doubles, Study Finds

comScore says that Britain now has 20 million people who play mobile games, with 6.2 million doing so nearly every day.

LONDON – The number of mobile gamers in the U.K. has risen to 20 million, according to data from research firm comScore.

It found that 6.2 million play games on their smartphones or tablets nearly every day. The figure has nearly doubled since the start of 2011, the Guardian reported. 

It cited the popularity of such freemium games as "The Simpsons: Tapped Out" as key drivers of popularity. These games are free, but charge money for advanced features or virtual goods.

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The comScore study argues that mobile gaming is as popular as photo messaging in Britain. Its popularity ranks only slightly behind the mobile usage of weather, news and search functionality, which are used by about 21 million people each, and social networking (22 million).

comScore said people who play mobile games almost daily are fairly evenly split in terms of gender - with 48 percent of such users being male and 52 percent female.

Most of the mobile gamers in the U.K., 64 percent, do not play on the go though, but in their living rooms, with 45 percent playing in the bedroom, comScore found. About 33 percent said they play while commuting, with 27 percent playing at work.

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