'Numbers' star cast in ABC's 'Truth' pilot

Rob Morrow joins legal drama opposite Joely Richardson

A second "Numbers" star has booked a pilot.

Rob Morrow has been tapped to star opposite Joely Richardson in ABC's drama pilot "The Whole Truth."

The Jerry Bruckheimer-produced "Truth" is a legal drama that shows the defense and prosecution sides equally. It centers on New York Kathryn Pearle (Richardson), a successful New York prosecutor.

Morrow will play Jimmy, an exuberant, larger-than-life, extremely successful defense attorney who is frequently pitted against Peale, with whom he shares a fierce competitiveness, a passion for the law, and a mutual respect that has them carpooling together to sit on various panels even as they're duking it out in court.

For Morrow, the casting is formally in second position to veteran crime drama "Numbers," whose chances for returning next season are slim.

In November, CBS cut the sixth season order of the show from 22 to 16 episodes.

Morrow joins fellow "Numbers" lead man David Krumholtz who was also cast in a pilot in second position, Fox's comedy "Tax Men."