NY Daily News Mocks Bill O'Reilly With "No Job Zone" Front Page


The rambunctious tabloid took great delight in the demise of the Fox News star.

The downfall of Bill O'Reilly has proved a boon to some of his harshest critics, chief among them the New York Daily News, which splashed their Thursday front page with a picture of the ousted Fox News star with the headline "No Job Zone," a mocking reference to The O'Reilly Factor's "No Spin Zone" segment. 

After much speculation, Fox News confirmed today that O'Reilly, currently on vacation, would not be returning to the network. O'Reilly's demise at Fox News came after an investigation was initiated after a New York Times story reported on claims that several women were paid $13 million by the network and O'Reilly to keep quiet about sexual harassment and verbal abuse claims.

The news of O'Reilly ouster was catnip to the Daily News, and their lead story continued the mockery, describing him at various points as "the naughty newsman" and detailing past allegations against the host, such as the infamous "falafel" tapes from 2004. The Daily News ended the story by subtly slamming the best-selling author by referencing O'Reilly's most recent book: "His latest book, Old School, became an instant best-seller — and included O’Reilly advocating for the gentlemanly treatment of women. “No means no,” the accused groper wrote, urging his fellow men to remember “the old school tenets of respect and responsibility.”"