NY SAG Faction Gets Social

The challengers in the pro-merger v. pro-merger fight are paying more attention to social media than the long-dominant group - but does it matter?

One Strong Union—the pro-merger group that is challenging fellow pro-merger group United Screen Actors Nationwide for control of the New York division—has once again updated its blog, this time with an endorsement from former board member Ralph Byers and open letters from candidates Joe Narciso and Andrew Dolan.

OSU has definitely been using the Web and social media more aggressively than any other faction in New York or L.A. USAN's Twitter feed has had one lonely tweet on it since July 26, and neither USAN nor L.A.'s Unite for Strength seems much interested in updating the news feed of its website (except, in UFS's case, to republish the occasional SAG press release or trade article).

Meanwhile, OSU appears to be updating its blog almost daily. Whether any of that will make a difference is impossible to tell.