NYC sick time bill would cost movie theaters

NATO warns ticket prices would rise $1-plus

A sick time bill being mulled by the New York City Council would cost movie theater operators and could lead to ticket price increases of $1 or more, the New York Post reported Monday.

The National Assoc. of Theatre Owners predicts that the average movie ticket price would rise to $14 in the Big Apple. "This bill will run us about $1 million a year," NATO state executive director Robert Sunshine told the Post.

It would also hurt temporary hiring that theaters tend to do around Thanksgiving and the holidays. Sunshine predicted a 15%-20% cutback on hiring if the bill passes. Under the proposed bill, businesses, including single theaters, with fewer than 20 full-time employees would have to give part-time workers five days of paid sick leave.

"Even if you worked a Monday through Wednesday shift, you could call in sick on Thursday and Friday and get paid for those days," Sunshine said.