NYC Snowstorm: 'Law & Order: SVU' Switches Shoot Schedule

Law & Order SVU - Episode - Wet - 2010
Courtesy of NBC

NBC also provided "snow rooms" so crew could avoid the commute after MTA bus service was shut down in NYC.

Another massive New York City snowstorm threw a wrench in the works for NBC’s Law & Order: SVU.  

The New York-based poduction issued an 11th hour production change Wednesday night. The show was supposed to be shooting on location today, but production was switched indoors to SVU’s Chelsea Piers studio on Manhattan’s West Side.

"If they were on the streets today with all the snow banks, we'd never be able to get the trucks parked,” the show's rep, Sharon Pannozzo, tells The Hollywood Reporter.  PHOTO: See how Katie Couric helped Barry Diller get to work in the snowstorm.

The production also provided courtesy “snow rooms” last night for crew members who have to travel long distance to work and may have had concerns about driving in the snow, said Pannozzo.

The storm, which began Wednesday afternoon and picked up steam overnight, dumped 15 inches of snow on New York shuttering airports and trapping many New Yorkers inside.

Meanwhile, Mayor Bloomberg’s Office of Film, Theatre & Broadcasting shut its office completely today. New York has now had 36 inches of snow since January 1st, making this the snowiest January on record.

- Georg Szalai and Lindsay Powers contributed to this report.