NYC Terror Attack: Trevor Noah Slams Trump for "Hypocrisy" in Response to Violent Incidents

Meanwhile, Stephen Colbert joked about Trump's tweet calling for "merit-based" programs.

Trevor Noah and Stephen Colbert both went after Donald Trump on their Wednesday-night shows for responding to the New York City terrorist attack as an “immigration issue.”

On The Daily Show, Noah was quick to point out the contradictions in Trump’s responses to violent attacks that took place in New York and Charlottesville. “When a Neo-Nazi killed someone by plowing their car into a group of people in Charlottesville, Trump took a very different approach. When it was a Nazi, Trump needed more facts. When it was a Muslim, that was the only fact he needed,” Noah said.  

On Tuesday, a man now identified as Uzbek immigrant Sayfullo Saipov, plowed down a bike path, in a rented truck, along the West Side Highway in Tribeca. The attack resulted in eight people being killed and several others injured. On Twitter, Trump said that the attacker entered the country through the diversity visa lottery program. Trump has since been eager to terminate the program altogether in wake of the attack. 

“I think tragedies like what happened in Vegas and New York should be politicized, because politics is how society works to solve problems,” Noah said on whether to politicize such tragic events. The late-night host added, “You could still be sensitive to the victims, but you should be working to politicize it. We should have these conversations, but if we do have these conversations, can we at least find someone who doesn’t sound like this?”

Noah proceeded to show a clip of Trump informing the press that he is planning on terminating the visa program. In the clip, Trump pronounces “diversity” as “divers-eree” and describes the program as “not nice” and “not good.” “You know Trump’s English and reading is so bad, he would probably fail his own immigration test,” Noah joked of the president's enunciation.   

Commenting on Trump’s determination to remove the program, Noah explained that many have a misconstrued concept of what an “immigrant” is. 

“People forget that when they say immigrants, it doesn’t always mean brown. There are millions of white immigrants including Donald Trump’s f—-ing grandparents,” the late-night host said.

While not opposed to taking a “second look” at the program, Noah urged for no "hypocrisy."

“New York happened yesterday, and now Trump is ready to cancel the entire diversity visa program,” Noah said. "But the Las Vegas shooting happened a month ago and Congress still hasn’t done anything to regulate bump stocks, the device that the shooter used to turn his weapon into a machine gun. Why don’t we have the conversation about immigration and the conversation about guns at the same time? I think America is resilient enough to handle it. In fact, I know it is. “

Meanwhile on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Colbert responded to Trump’s tweet Wednesday morning, in which he referred to the lottery program as a “Chuck Schumer beauty” and wished for a “merit-based” program.

“We all want merit-based, sir, but you’re still the president,” the late-night host joked.

Colbert proceeded to compare Trump’s response to that of Paul Revere. “This is one of the most divisive responses to an attack on American soil since Paul Revere’s famous cry, ‘The British are coming! The British are coming! A John Hancock beauty.”