NYFW Beauty: Get Creatures of the Wind's L.A. Skater Boy Hair

Kathryn Romeyn

The classic Venice Beach look infiltrates New York City on day one of fashion's big dance

"This is my version of the skater boys in L.A., but on girls," says hairstylist Anthony Turner, who tended to the tresses of models at Creatures of the Wind's New York Fashion Week show (with Rectify actress Abigail Spencer in the front row) on Wednesday in Chelsea. Because the Chicago-born label’s collection was very feminine (the hairstylist added that his girlfriends will die over the amazing shoes), Turner’s inspiration was to play against its prettiness and freshness in a “not overly obvious and not overly conceptual” kind of way, using Bumble and Bumble products.

That meant looking to the West Coast’s long-haired, board-riding boys and their half-assed ponytails. Turner also checked out the designers’ inspiration board featuring ’90s models like Amber Valletta, looking fresh but also a little masculine.

Turner used Bumble and Bumble Full Form Mousse all the way throughout the hair to give it a little moodiness, but also an airy quality so “the hair will float and move as the girls walk. It’s not too grungy,” he says. He left the models’ parts wherever they happened to be when they walked in. “I want individuality,” says Turner, “I don’t want them to look like a generic set of robots.” Additionally, he didn’t add extensions to those with shorter bobs or pixie cuts. (“The idea of extensions at the moment does not feel right; it doesn’t feel fresh.”)

He added a little Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray when the hair was almost dry, lightly spritzing it over the locks to give a matte finish. With his fingers, he raked their tresses back into low ponytails at the nape of the neck, secured using a basic black hair tie, and pulling the tail through messily. “It’s a can’t-be-bothered ponytail — nonchalant, haphazard,” he says. Turner completed the looks by pulling bits of hair out, tucking some behind the ears, and letting some fall, then adding a spritz of hairspray. 

“It’s playing against the collection, but with the lightness and airiness we’re working with it,” says Turner. “It’s very simple, organic and real.” And, easy to emulate — coast to coast.