NYFW: Uma Thurman Doesn't Like Crowded Parties

AP Images/Invision

After seeing the busting-at-the-seams packed crowd at 'Purple' magazine's party on Monday evening, the actress immediately turned around. Nope.

The Purple magazine party at Chez Andre in The Standard, East Village on Monday night wasn't for everyone —  just ask Uma Thurman. When hotelier (and possibly Thurman's current boyfriend or, at the very least, ex) Andre Balazs escorted the actress downstairs into the subterranean party, she took one peek at the packed fete, decided it was not for her and headed back upstairs immediately.

The party was so packed, in fact, that when actor Michael Pitt tried to take a roundabout way into the party with a group of friends, security yelled at him: "You kids get out of there!"