NYFW Weather Report: Heavy Snow to Cause Flight Delays, Show Cancellations

AP Photo/Richard Drew

An incoming snowstorm could possibly cancel J. Mendel's presentation on Thursday at Lincoln Center, according to an inside source.

Rumor has it that many Europeans and Angelenos are starting to wonder (and worry) if they're going to be real fashion victims, as a huge storm is predicted for late Wednesday/early Thursday. New York is expected to receive at least 6-12 inches of snow on the already icy sidewalks, according to The Weather Channel. Goodbye heels. Goodbye flights.

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Many major airlines have canceled flights out of New York on Thursday, leaving fashionistas scrambling for their escape from New York. Meanwhile, the J. Mendel show on Thursday at 1 p.m. is still scheduled for the Lincoln Center. But an inside source says that if snow accumulates on the tent, it can bust  -- and will need to be scraped immediately. Pret-a-Reporter has reached out to J. Mendel's rep for confirmation.

Additional presentations scheduled for Thursday include Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs. No announcements have been made regarding the statuses of those shows, yet.

Considering a worker fell and got injured while he was scraping snow off the tents last week, it's possible the J. Mendel show won't take place to prevent any more workers from getting hurt while trying to clean the space. Sources warn if the snow hits hard (shouldn't the snow change course and head for Sochi, instead?), J. Mendel is going to have to change locations -- or even days.