NYFWM: Hairstylist Jon Reyman Reveals the Best Men's 'Do for Any New York Scene

Jon Reyman, Spoke & Weal Instagram - S 2015

Jon Reyman, Spoke & Weal Instagram - S 2015

The seasoned hair guru breaks it down by neighborhood during the Hickey Freeman presentation.

"Hair is an accessory to everything," said grooming and hair expert Jon Reyman of Spoke & Weal Thursday afternoon backstage at the Hickey Freeman presentation at the rooftop penthouse of The Standard, East Village. "To me, trend is all about the different stories you can tell depending on what you’re wearing, depending on your mood."

The fashion presentation offered three "vignettes" representing the different levels of luxury wear: Hamptons, Battery Park, and Manhattan nights. Below, Reyman described the "quite accessible" grooming techniques (using Olivia Garden brushes) and Aveda products used for each.

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Hamptons (summer luxury, cashmere, silk, linen): "Luxe, but more casual, beachy. We had volume, created a little wave. It was all about texture, movement, and shape." Using: Aveda's Pure Abundance Style-Prep ($24).


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Battery Park (classic power suits): "Very set, expensive, very finished with a ‘70s feel. The hair was very full, blown out with a lot of height and volume." Using: Aveda's Air Control Hair Spray ($28).

Manhattan nights (tuxedos, dinner jackets with formal trousers): "We wanted to leave a little texture, a very strong side part, very gelled down, shiny, set, groomed, but still modern." Using: Aveda Men’s Pure-Formance Firm Hold Gel ($24).

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Reyman, who was in high-demand during New York Fashion Week: Men’s, doing six shows in total (including Nautica and Duckie Brown), shared that men’s grooming had evolved into using quality products without looking like you cared too much. "A good haircut enables you to wear it multiple different ways," he added.

And when it comes to facial hair, he suggested avoiding harsh, strong lines. "I like beards, I like textures," he said. "It’s good to use a conditioning cream or oil, or even shampooing it, and lotions help soften it – but I like a more natural finish."