'Nymphomaniac' Clip Shows Charlotte Gainsbourg's Full Frontal and Touch of S&M (Video)

TrustNordisk. Photographer: Caspar Sejersen

Lars Von Trier's two-part erotic epic has its world premiere in Copenhagen on Dec. 25.

In another too-hot-for-YouTube teaser for Lars von Trier's upcoming erotic epic Nymphomaniac, Zentropa on Friday unveiled a short clip featuring stars Charlotte Gainsbourg and Jamie Bell in a bit of S&M foreplay.

The video, from Chapter 6 of the two-part pornographic drama, is titled "The Eastern and Western Church." It starts with a holiday scene, with Bell's character giving Gainsbourg's -- the self-diagnosed nymphomaniac of the film's title -- a nasty-looking sex toy made of wood and rope.

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The title of the chapter is a reference to what von Trier has said is a key theme in the film: the difference between the western Catholic church, supposedly obsessed with suffering and guilt, and the eastern Orthodox Christian church, where traditionally the theological focus was on pleasure and joy. How that ideological debate plays out in Nymphomaniac's sex games is one of the questions that will be answered when von Trier's film hits theaters.

Nymphomaniac opens in Denmark on Dec. 25 before rolling out internationally. It will be released as two feature-length films. There will not be a "soft-core" cut of Nymphomaniac. Instead, local distributors can determine whether or not to blur certain hardcore sex scenes. Magnolia Pictures will release Nymphomaniac stateside.