Danish Critics Spoof 'Nymphomaniac' Ad Campaign for Bodil Awards

The parody, referencing Lars von Trier's sex epic posters, features the country's top film critics and their best O-faces to promote Denmark's version of the Oscars.

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Danish critics have pulled out all the stops -- and pulled off all their clothes -- in honor of Lars von Trier's upcoming sex epic Nymphomaniac.

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As part of the promotion for Denmark's Bodil Awards -- the local equivalent of the Oscars, which are handed out Feb. 1 -- Denmark's top film critics stripped bare and put on their best O-faces for a poster spoofing Nymphomaniac's ad campaign. The original posters, which feature the film's ensemble cast, including Charlotte Gainsbourg, Stellan Skarsgard, Uma Thurman, Shia LaBeouf and Christian Slater, became an Internet sensation when they were first released and spawned multiple parodies, including several involving the Muppets.

But the Danish critics said they were not looking to poke fun but rather to express their excitement ahead of the film's premiere. The two-part feature debuts in Copenhagen Dec. 25.

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"Some may think that we all just sit in our ivory towers, looking down on the film landscape with critical eyes, having no fun at all. But just like anyone else, also we can be excited by great movie experiences -- and we are not afraid to share the excitement with all of you!” the film critics association said in a statement.

All of Denmark is getting the full frontal Nymphomaniac treatment ahead of the premiere. The original O-faces posters plaster bus stops, malls and train stations across the country. Von Trier's U.S. fans will have to hold out a little longer. Magnolia Pictures won't be releasing Nymphomaniac Vol. 1 until March.