NYPD Investigating Death Threats Sent to CNN's Don Lemon

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Don Lemon

"Numerous threatening and anti-black messages" were sent to the 'CNN Tonight' host via Twitter, police said.

New York police have opened an investigation after a Twitter user sent death threats to CNN's Don Lemon, the department confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter

The report was taken Wednesday for "aggravated harassment," police said. "Numerous threatening and anti-black messages" were sent to the CNN Tonight host via Twitter, NYPD said. The exact threats were not specified by police. 

One of the messages, according to The Hill, read: “U r a pile of rotting dogshit ,racist,communist,socialist, Liberal moron asshole.i will find u U will pay.ill see u real soon."

Police did not give an exact motive for the messages, but Lemon did read an impassioned open letter on air to President Donald Trump on Tuesday after Trump was accused by the widow of a recently fallen soldier of poorly handling the condolence call. The president has refuted the widow's accusations.

There are no arrests and the threat investigation is ongoing, police said. CNN declined to comment. 

See Lemon's open letter below.