4 Injured in Attempted NYC Terror Attack; Suspect in Custody

Police - respond to a reported explosion at the Port Authority Bus Terminal on December 11, 2017 - Getty-H 2017

A pipe bomb strapped to a man went off near the Port Authority bus terminal.

The New York Police Department responded to reports of an explosion in the New York City subway near the Port Authority bus terminal in Manhattan early Monday morning.

A man with a pipe bomb strapped to him set off a "low-tech" device at approximately 7:20 a.m. in the underground passageway under 42nd Street between Seventh and Eighth Avenues, injuring the 27-year-old suspect, identified as Akayed Ullah, and three other people during morning rush hour. Ullah, now in police custody, sustained burns to his abdomen and hands after the crude pipe bomb exploded. The three others are being treated for non-life-threatening injuries, including headaches and ringing in the ears.

New York City police say Ullah meant to set off the bomb, but it's not clear if he meant to do so in the passageway in the Times Square area where it went off.

Mayor Bill de Blasio confirmed the detonation to be an attempted terror attack. Law enforcement officials told the Associated Press that Ullah was inspired by the Islamic State, but had no direct contact with the terrorist group. 

Though de Blasio called the attack on the subway "incredibly unsettling" during a news address, he said there were no additional threats to New York and the injuries were minor.

"The terrorists will not win, we're going to keep being New Yorkers. Let's get back to work," he said.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo reiterated that the first news this morning was "obviously very frightening and disturbing," calling the news upon first hearing a New Yorker's "worst nightmare." 

But "the reality turns out better than our initial expectation and fear," said Cuomo, highlighting the injuries as minor. "This is New York. The reality is that we are a target by many who would like to make a statement against democracy, against freedom, and that makes us an international target. We understand that." He also encouraged the city to get back to work: "We are a savvy people and we keep our eyes open. ... We are not going to allow them to disrupt us. That is exactly what they want and exactly what they are not going to get."

There was disruption in train and bus service, but all subways except the 42nd street station were quickly restored. Port Authority was reopened as well.

Video captured the moment the blast went off, as reported by MSNBC (watch below).

The NYPD News Twitter account first tweeted the news around 7:45 a.m. ET on Monday morning.

There were delays along some of the subway lines that pass beneath the terminal, and some passengers were understood to have been evacuated as a precaution, according to the AP.

It later cited a law enforcement official as saying that what was believed to be a pipe bomb strapped to a man went off on a subway platform around 7:30 a.m. ET and that man was arrested and had non-life-threatening injuries. Another person on the platform sustained non-life-threatening injuries. The official spoke on condition of anonymity, the AP said.

Among the nearby media and entertainment companies to the location is Viacom, whose headquarters is in Times Square.