O2 Wireless Festival sets webcast record


LONDON -- More than 55,000 fans watched live streaming video from London's four-day O2 Wireless Festival -- the highest webcasting figures ever achieved by telecommunications company Tiscali.

Tiscali partnered with Live Nation for the shows, which took place June 14-17 in London's Hyde Park. A spokesman for Tiscali said that all indications are that on-demand footage will more than quadruple the live viewings when it is added to www.tiscali.co.uk/wireless.

The free service, which could be accessed by people from around the world, featured headliners the White Stripes, Kaiser Chiefs and Faithless plus 20 of the other acts on the main stage bill. Only three artists backed out of being streamed, including Day 3 bill topper Daft Punk.

Viewers also could access exclusive backstage interviews, and in addition there is a slate of 15 VIP sessions going live in the next few weeks.