Former O2L Members Form New YouTube Channel KianAndJc

Courtesy of KianandJC

The channel from Kian Lawley and Jc Caylen already has more than 516,000 YouTube subscribers.

YouTube supergroup Our2ndLife might have disbanded at the end of 2014, but that doesn't mean the creators have parted ways. On Monday two of the members, Kian Lawley and Jc Caylen, launched a channel of their own. 

The duo started teasing the new channel, called KianAndJc, earlier this month and it has already skyrocketed past 516,000 subscribers. Lawley and Caylen each have more than 2 million subscribers on their individual YouTube channels, where they vlog and post comedic videos. They will continued to operate those channels and will use KianAndJc to try out new ideas with an eye for jumping to more traditional platforms. 

"We've always connected so well together, so we wanted to create a channel where we could do something that was different and creative," Lawley tells The Hollywood Reporter. "We want to create content that our fans will like, but at the same time stretches us creatively, with our own little touch."

Lawley and Caylen will post to the channel twice a week. On Mondays they will feature challenge videos in which they work with other YouTube stars or mainstream celebrities. On Fridays they will post short films that they write and edit themselves. The duo says they are in talks to bring in writers and directors to collaborate with on the projects. 

Our2ndLife, known as O2L, began in 2012 with a group of six YouTubers who met while working in Los Angeles. The combined channel grew to more than 2.8 million followers the group headlined a 19-city tour in 2014. Their breakup followed the July departure of member Connor Franta.

Lawley says that the start of the new channel post-O2L is part of the evolution of their careers. "We've been collaborating since 2012 before either of us had much of a profile," he says. "We've always had the same outlook so have really been having fun with our new focus." 

Lawley and Caylen are managed by Big Frame's Andrew Graham, who is a producing partner for the channel. KianAndJc is part of the Fullscreen network.