Obama, Clinton Mocked by Flashing Traffic Sign in Los Angeles

Sabo Electronic Construction Sign - H 2015
Courtesy of Sabo

Sabo Electronic Construction Sign - H 2015

Hoping to appeal to traffic-weary motorists, conservative artist Sabo mocked Democrats for hitting up Westsiders for campaign cash.

The conservative artist-provocateur who calls himself Sabo and is known for his campaign poster–style send-ups of Democratic candidates and fundraisers decided to take his act on the road Monday afternoon.

With both President Barack Obama and 2016 Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton scheduled to attend multiple fundraising events in Los Angeles this week, Sabo rented an LED changeable message sign (CMS) Monday afternoon and programmed it with messages such as, "Expect Delays June 18-19," "Democrats Begging 4 Money." Other messages included "Blame Tobie [sic] Maguire," "Blame Chuck Lorre" and "Hillary Back Begging," among other jibes.

The artist and his crew towed the flashing sign up the 405 freeway, through Brentwood and over to the Pacific Palisades, where at least two fundraisers will be held later this week.

The artist also slipped in a plug for his personal choice for president: "Ted Cruz 2016."

Obama is returning to Los Angeles on June 18 for two DNC fundraiser at the homes of actor-producer Tyler Perry and Two and a Half Men producer Lorre. The president's trip will coincide with Clinton's latest fundraising visit to Hollywood on June 19. Her events include a $2,700-per-person event at the home of Spider-Man actor Toby Maguire and his wife, Jennifer Meyer, and a $2,700-per-person event at the home of HBO president of programming Michael Lombardo and his husband, Sonny Ward.