Obama, Clinton show scribe support


The two leading Democratic presidential candidates weighed in on the writers strike Monday, coming down on the side of the WGA.

"I stand with the writers," Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois said from his campaign headquarters in Chicago. "The guild's demand is a test of whether media corporations are going to give writers a fair share of the wealth their work creates or continue concentrating profits in the hands of their executives."

Said Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York: "I support the Writers Guild's pursuit of a fair contract that pay them for their work in all mediums.

"I hope the producers and writers will return to the bargaining table."

The latest campaign finance reports have Obama and Clinton neck-and-neck for Hollywood dollars. According to an analysis of campaign contributions by the Center of Responsive Politics, the Obama campaign had raised $2,073,325 through October from Hollywood, while the Clinton campaign raised $2,141,609 from the movie, music and TV industries.