President Obama Gives Shoutout to Ellen DeGeneres While Talking LGBT Rights in His Final Presser

U.S. President Barack Obama holds the last news conference 2 - January 18, 2017 -Getty-H 2017
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Obama and his wife, Michelle, have been guests on DeGeneres' show multiple times in his eight years as president.

Barack Obama gave a hat-tip to Ellen DeGeneres on Wednesday while he discussed the LGBTQ community and the advancement of its rights during his final press conference as president of the United States on Wednesday. 

Obama said there still would be some battles taking place to totally end discrimination toward the community. However, he took solace in the fact that young people, those of his daughters' generation, "would tell you 'I don't understand how you can discriminate against someone because of their sexual orientation.'"

He added, "When I gave Ellen the Presidential Medal of Freedom, I meant what I said. Somebody that kind and likable projecting into living rooms around the country, that changed attitudes. And that wasn't easy to do for her, and that's just one small example of what was happening in communities all across the country." 

Obama awarded an emotional DeGeneres the Medal of Freedom last November.

He and his wife, Michelle, have been guests on DeGeneres' show multiple times in his eight years as president. 

"I could not be prouder of the transformation that’s taken place in our society," Obama said of the progress seen during his two terms. When asked about what the future, under President Trump's White House, may hold, Obama said he believed the country's view today on equal rights will only contribute to more change ahead, mentioning legal issues surrounding transgender people.

"I don't think it is something that will be reversible," he added, "because American society has changed."

After Obama's press conference concluded, Caitlyn Jenner took to Twitter to offer her help, should the incoming administration seek it. "Republicans need help understanding LGBTQ issues and I'm here to help!" she tweeted

In response to the shoutout, DeGeneres later took to Twitter to say, "@POTUS I am honored you mentioned me in your last press conference. I’ll make sure to mention you on my last show."

Watch Obama's final presser below.