Barack Obama to Raise $2.4 Million at Manhattan Fundraiser

2012-25 REP Barack Obama H

This election cycle, Dems have found their mother lode in California, where they've raised $40 million for the Democratic National Committee and other groups.

With the July fundraising deadline looming, the president once again turns to New York for fast cash.

As campaign 2012 slips into high gear, bemused New Yorkers could be forgiven for regarding President Barack Obama as their “commuter-in-chief.”

This election, the president’s most generous campaign donors are clustered in a handful of zip codes around Manhattan and Los Angeles’ Westside, but when it comes to raising big money fast, it seems New York has become the incumbent’s destination of choice. Tonight he’s back and is expected to take at least $2.4 million away from a dinner for just 60 at the super-trendy NoMad Hotel in the hip euphonious area adjoining chic Chelsea and the Flatiron District.

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Individual tickets for the evening are priced at $40,000, and it’s one of those rare presidential fundraisers with no couples’ discount. If you want to bring your partner, the tab is $80,000, though that does entitle both of you to the three-star cuisine of celebrated chefs Daniel Humm and Will Guidara and well as Leo Robitschek’s critically acclaimed cocktails.

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Locals already are complaining about the traffic connected to a presidential visit—shades of L.A.—but they’ll get a bit of break next week, when Obama will be back, though this time in the suburbs, when Harvey Weinstein and Vogue editor Anna Wintour will host a fundraiser for him in the hedge fund managers’ address of choice, Greenwich, Connecticut, where new money gets to dress up and act like old money.

No location for the August 6 event has been announced, but tickets are priced at $35,800 apiece. Weinstein and Wintour teamed up on the president’s behalf last year and, recently, the fashion arbiter and actress/fashionista Sarah Jessica Parker raised a reported $2 million for the president during a dinner at the former’s Village home.