Obama, "Hollywood Jews" Targeted by Posters in L.A. at Anti-Iran Deal Rally

Sabo Trump Iran - H 2015

Street artist Sabo tells THR that the event's organizers asked him to remove the incendiary signs, but he refused.

Hollywood's conservative nemesis has struck again.

Street artist Sabo papered the area around the Federal Building in Los Angeles early Sunday in preparation for a 2 p.m. PT Iran nuke deal protest, organized by Stop Iran Rally.

Among his series of posters, he criticized Jewish people in the industry for their silence on the deal and praised Donald Trump for his anti-Iran stance.

The artist is an ardent Ted Cruz supporter, who comes out looking like a hero in the latest series of posters. One poster parodies ads for the upcoming film Straight Outta Compton by touting Cruz as "Straight Outta Congress."

Sabo tells The Hollywood Reporter that the rally's organizers asked him to remove the posters, but he refused. "Right off the bat, the organizers asked me to take my signs down because they wanted a consultant message [that] my posters didn't follow," Sabo says. "I told them the First Amendment didn't say anything about a common voice. [So the posters] stayed up. Now, they are carried by people in the crowd."

Meanwhile, security officers hired for the event tried to obscure the signs posted at a bus stop on Wilshire Blvd. by standing in front of them, Sabo said. A sign that read "The world cannot afford a nuclear Iran" was propped up against a Sabo poster, covering an epithet he used to describe the Obama Administration. (See photo below). A "Planned Parenthood" poster, in which Sabo stated "Democrats pretend it's a baby and abort this Iran deal (We'll even let you sell the pieces)" was covered up by event organizers with signs warning of the dangers of a nuclear Iran.

StandWithUs, one of the organizers of the event, released the following statement on Monday about the dispute over the Sabo posters:

"Our concern was not about his Ted Cruz posters, but one about Planned Parenthood also posted on the bus stop," according to a group spokesperson. "It asked Congress to abort the nuclear deal with Iran as it would babies, sell the body parts and buy Lamborginis. It was offensive and we asked for that one to be removed.

"Self-described 'tea partiers' who put it up protested and we instead covered it up with signs that talked of the dangers of a nuclear Iran. We did not post security guards there to obscure that or any other poster."

Sabo, who is no stranger to conflict, has become best known in Hollywood over the past year for his creative endeavors ridiculing industry political fundraisers and Democratic candidates.

The artwork can be seen below.