Hollywood Moguls: No 'Obama Boycott' Over Piracy Stance

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Fundraising events for Obama are still on, despite disappointment over SOPA, Hollywood supporters say.

While individual Hollywood executives may decide pull back on their support for of President Barack Obama because of his refusal to support anti-piracy legislation, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that there is no collective "boycott" planned because of the president's decision.

DreamWorks Animation chief Jeffrey Katzenberg, Obama's top supporter in the entertainment industry, will continue to raise money for the president's reelection, a spokesman confirms Wednesday. And plans are moving forward to bring the president to Los Angeles for a series of fundraisers on Feb. 15, THR has learned. 

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"Although disappointed with the White House statement on SOPA, Jeffrey Katzenberg will continue to fundraise for Obama," says Andy Spahn, political consultant for Katzenberg.

In addition, a major studio head who is often involved in fundraising for Democrats tells THR that, despite a blind-sourced media report that appeared Wednesday, there is no coordinated effort on the behalf of Hollywood moguls to stop giving or raising money for Obama's reelection campaign.

"The [anti-piracy] acts are very important to us, but no one has discussed a boycott," the top executive says. "This is a personal issue for everyone. Some will support Obama. Some won't. Most of us have maxed out [on fundraising] already, unfortunately," making the issue moot.

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The president's next major fundraiser in Los Angeles is scheduled for Jan. 31 when First Lady Michelle Obama will be the guest at the home of Nicole Avant and Ted Sarandos. Meanwhile, Vice President Joe Biden will be in town on Friday for a breakfast fundraiser in Beverly Hills.

Avant tells THR that the event for Michelle Obama at her house is almost sold out, with Kelly Meyer, wife of Universal chief Ron Meyer, remaining as a co-host of that event. Avant says she hasn't received anything close to a mass cancellation by members of the entertainment industry.

"Maybe one person," she says.

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