Obama to Jon Stewart: "I Can't Believe You’re Leaving Before Me"

Obama Daily Show Still - H 2015

"I am sure the Republicans are enjoying [Donald] Trump's current dominance in their primary," the president joked in his final 'Daily Show' interview.

President Barack Obama made a special trip to New York on Tuesday to appear on The Daily Show before Jon Stewart gives up his spot behind the desk on Thursday, Aug. 6.

The appearance marked the third time Obama has appeared on The Daily Show since becoming president and the seventh time overall.

Obama began the conversation by lamenting that Stewart was soon stepping down. "I can’t believe you’re leaving before me," Obama said. "I’m issuing a new executive order, that Jon Stewart cannot leave the show. It’s being challenged in the courts."

Stewart responded: "To me, this is a state’s rights issue."

Obama and Stewart discussed his Iran deal, with Obama cracking that his critics think "if you had brought Dick Cheney to the negotiations, everything would be fine."

Stewart joked that the United States had tried many different approaches in the Middle East, including sending 100,000 troops and arming militant groups. "This new thing, you called it earlier: diplomacy," said Stewart, "That sounds interesting."

Obama said "Iran will remain a problem in the region" but that "we have taken off the table what would be a catastrophic problem if they got a weapon."

Stewart asked Obama if a "selective service" plan would be a good way to get young Americans more involved in giving back, and Obama pointed out that he learned a lot from working as a community organizer in low-income neighborhoods when he was starting his career.

"We have to give them pathways to get them involved," Obama said of young people. "We've tried to expand things like Americorps as much as possible. Part of what we want to do is hopefully tied more to getting a lower-cost college education, so they get scholarships and can charge more for the work they're doing."

Stewart closed by asking Obama if he had any advice he would "bequeath to future president [Donald] Trump."

Obama joked: "I am sure the Republicans are enjoying Mr. Trump's current dominance in their primary."

Responded Stewart: "Anything that makes them look less crazy."