Latest Obama Celebrity Contest Offers Backstage Meeting with Marc Anthony

Backstage with Marc Anthony - H 2012

Backstage with Marc Anthony - H 2012

The singer will appear with the president June 26 at a Miami Beach fundraising concert.

The Barack Obama celebrity fundraising tour will move to Miami Beach on June 26, when the president and music superstar Marc Anthony will appear together at Fillmore’s Jackie Gleason Theater.

Like other recent Obama-celebrity events, this one includes an online contest to win time with the special guest -- in this case, backstage passes to meet salsa hitmaker Anthony. The online entry forms are in English and Spanish. 

Tickets to hear the chief executive speak and the East Harlem-born Anthony sing start at $100, but a donation in the $2,500 to $44,000 range not only gets better seats but also a "meet and greet" with the president and the multiple Grammy Award-winning musician and actor.

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The evening’s Latin inflection obviously reflects the importance to the Florida Democratic Party of young Cuban Americans and more recent immigrants from other Caribbean and Latin American countries. Florida is one of the crucial swing states in play for November’s general election, and Obama’s recent executive order giving legal status to undocumented immigrants who came to the U.S. as children with their families is likely to help his campaign in the Sunshine State.

Earlier this month, Anthony was also featured in an online ad called "The President Has Our Back" that urges Latinos to support Obama.

"Hi, my name is Marc Anthony. Latinos are a force that can and will help decide this election. And it’s a good thing that we’ve got so much to say, right?" he says in the ad. "We have jobs, the economy, education. President Obama is on our side on all of them. We just have to make sure that he gets four more years to make more progress. The president has our back. So it’s time to let him know that you’ve got his."