Obama-Romney Final Debate: Bob Schieffer Mistakenly Says 'Obama Bin Laden' (Video)

Presidential Debate Rear Stage - H 2012
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Presidential Debate Rear Stage - H 2012

While asking a question about Pakistan, the moderator mashed up the names of the president and the terrorist.

While the last two presidential debate moderators have polarized viewers with their performances, Bob Schieffer didn't draw quite the same reaction in Monday night's final face-off between President Obama and Mitt Romney.

But he did make one big mistake.

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While asking a question about whether the U.S. should cut ties with Pakistan because it's a "safe haven for terrorists," Schieffer referred to terrorist and Sept. 11 mastermind Osama bin Laden as "Obama bin Laden."

Schieffer, host of CBS' Face the Nation, seemed to catch himself as he was saying the name, which resulted in his actually saying something sounding like "Obama's bin Laden."

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Neither candidate acknowledged the mistake during the debate.

Watch video of the gaffe below.